Voodoo Zip Line


I was at The Rio last night and noticed they were putting finishing touches on their zip line store.  I couldn’t help but notice the pricing.  I don’t see that price surviving.

Later, I checked out the lines that run from one tower to the other and the promo material for the zip line.  I still can’t figure out if this is supposed to be an awesome view like the ferris wheel, or if it is supposed to be a thrill ride like a roller coaster.



Did you ever wonder how big Slotzilla would be? The new downtown zip line is nearing completion. It looks sorta intimidating in the dark, especially with Halloween around the corner. When it is finished next month it will be fully lit, including the showgirls on each end that will be decked out in neon.

As The Wheel Turns

The Ferris wheel at Linq is going up pretty fast. Here’s a picture from Spring Mountain Road and Buffalo, maybe 6 miles away. It will certainly change the skyline.


And here’s another pic from the 7th floor of Harrah’s parking garage. And the Westin ( old Maxim) in the background is not meant to be an optical illusion. The axle of the wheel is about twice as high as the Westin.